Why Do I Procrastinate?

why do YOU procrastinate?
Work Overload? Stress? Can’t Make a Decision?

Why do YOU Procrastinate?

If you’re just surfing the web and decided to stop by and read this post, then there is a good likelihood, you’re doing it right now…procrastinating that is…so perhaps you should ask yourself this question straight away!  “Why Do I Procrastinate?”

Do You Procrastinate from Fear?

These folks are called “avoiders”. They avoid even trying to perform a task because of the fear of two things – success or failure.  Avoiders would rather they are thought of as unmotivated than to have people find out that they lack ability.

Do You Procrastinate from Overwhelm?

Do you feel your next task is too big to conquer or maybe you feel you have too much on your plate?  If you’re having difficulty imagining yourself accomplishing everything on your “to do” list, maybe you’re just avoiding making the attempt.

Do You Have a Lack of Focus?

Can’t stick to one task?  Losing Focus? You probably started several different tasks with good intentions, but never completed any of them.  You’re great at starting something, but your follow-through is lacking because you have not developed the skills or mindset required to focus your attentions at the task that has the highest priority.

Do You Have Problems Making Decisions?

Can’t decide where to start or what to do next? If you procrastinate in this way, it’s likely that you’re avoiding the responsibility of your actions by simply not making a decision in the first place.  This will leave you in stalemate and nothing will ever get accomplished.  You’ll rattle off in your head all of the things you NEED to do or SHOULD be doing, but you fail to commit yourself by deciding on your next step.

Maybe You’re Just a “Thrill-Seeker”?

In high school, I wasn’t much of one to study until the last minute, it was kind of euphoric!  It was a “rush” to cram all that information into my head the night before a test, knowing I could ace it.  If you’re this type of procrastinator (as I still am at times) you’re using your procrastination as a way to add a thrill to your life and possibly prevent living a boring life!

Last Word from One Procrastinator to Another…

Does being a procrastinator mean you’re not good at time management?  Some may even try to tell you that you have an altered perception of time “reality”.  Actually, the problem isn’t with the time itself or whether one is a good time manager or not, but rather how a procrastinator, like you and me both, chooses to spend that time!

All My Best to Your Success!




Here are 10 other important things you should know about procrastination… Psychology Today

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