What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program? Wealthy Affiliate or MLSP?


Round 6 – The Pros and Cons – MLSP vs WA


So here we are.  We’ve made it through the first five rounds of this supposed ten round “Battle of the Best”.  Throughout this fight (or should I say competitive match-up?) we’ve discovered how each system functions, how their support systems stand up, whether they’re “good, bad or ugly” overall, how their online communities function and which one would be the better choice for the beginner.

So let’s take it down to the mat and see how each really stacks up.  Since I’ve covered quite a bit of information in the last several rounds, I’m going to shorten it up a bit here and list only 5 things for each program that I consider advantages and disadvantages.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of pros and cons, but I’ll get to that in my next post.


My Lead System Pro (MLSP)


  1. Long standing company (founded in 2008)
  2. Solid, reliable system (no outright failures, but there are hiccups)
  3. Large, supportive  and active community
  4. Customer support ticket system
  5. Intensive training in online marketing


  1. Elaborate back-end system interface (a little too much for most beginners)
  2. “Rock Star” mentality (not everyone wants to become a “celebrity” to make money online)
  3. Supposed “No Hype” training leads members to buy more products and/or coaching
  4. High monthly expense to become a Mastery Member (premium Access)
  5. System relies heavily on emotional and mindset manipulation


Wealthy Affiliate (WA)


  1. Long-standing company (Founded in 2005)
  2. Complete All-In-One system (log in one time to access all features, including websites)
  3. Large, supportive and active community (real-time access to online members in LIVE chat)
  4. Intensive Step-by-Step training (must verify completion of  tasks before reaching higher levels)
  5. FREE Lifetime Starter Account, very reasonable monthly fee to become Premium Member


  1. Back-end system interface is simple but “crowded” (maybe too much on one screen, IMO)
  2. Members lacking experience have tendency to try and “teach” new members, ineffectively
  3. LIVE chat is sometimes hard to follow or keep-up with
  4. Lack of “file manager” for SiteRubix websites (3rd Party FTP software req’d to access site files)
  5. Member Ranking System can be abused by frivolous posting and answering of questions

Believe me you, I could go on and on about the various reasons one could love one or gripe about the other.  Heeeeyyy!   …now there’s a thought!

Since we’ll be heading down the homestretch after this round, and soon will be trying to determine a “winner” (though there may not be one),  how about if rather than building up these lists of “likes and dislikes”, I’ll just spell it out in detail, by giving you my honest and uncensored opinion, based on my experiences with both systems.

What that means is this…. you’re in for a real treat in my next post…

Stay in your seats, it’s about to get bloody…

Ding! Ding!

Short and Sweet today…See you on the next page…Round 7 here we come!

Written by 

Leland Best - CEO of Best Conceptions LLC, has worn many hats over the past 35 years. He has trained and certified in Radio/TV/CATV Production, Automotive Design, Firefighting and Fire/Water Damage Restoration. Leland has been working with computers and the internet since their inceptions, and during his 25 year career as a Civil Designer his home-based business served several Fortune 500's. Leland and his wife Jenna call the Shiawassee River their home where he currently follows his passion as an author, live streamer, video producer and affiliate website builder under the brands BCBLive!™, and The Megabit Affiliate™.

8 thoughts on “What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program? Wealthy Affiliate or MLSP?”

  1. Hello Leland! I’m enjoying your WA / MLSP articles.

    I was introduced to affiliate programs through Wealthy Affiliate, and their many trainings and fantastic support system has helped me to get through the initial difficulties of launching an online business out of what i considered was “just a hobby”.

    The best thing I like about Wealthy Affiliates is the wonderful sense of community. everyone wants to see each other succeed! And when everyone takes interest in one another’s success, great things begin to happen 🙂

    As for MLSP, it seems to have many benefits of their own as well. All in all it seems like the choice is what’s best for the individual as they both seem to have a great system in place.

    Great articles you’ve got here, keep ’em coming! : )


    1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the article series, which is yet to be completed! And you’re right, each system on it’s own is strong and well-built. The main thing is that each system is geared toward a different audience and many try to compare apples to oranges in reviews that aren’t really covering all the topics that need to be brought to light.

      I plan to end the confusion once and for all. I still have many friends in MLSP and hope to maintain those relationships in the future. Of course, not everyone will agree with the rawness of my article series, but truth be told, that’s not my concern. I just want the newcomers to be fully informed on both systems so they can make an informed decision as to which is the right one for them.

      Thanks again for stopping by!


  2. Pssh….

    No disrespect towards MLSP or anything but it doesn’t bring nearly as much value to the table that WA does, as seen with your comparison table!

    I’ve been apart of MLSP before, lets just say that I didn’t make squat with what they teach but I’m now making $1,000’s each month with WA 🙂

    Thanks for this awesome post, looking forward to more!


    1. None taken Colton! If you did manage to read the full depth of my 7 page article I think you saw I agree with you. MLSP is geared toward MLM, which doesn’t work well with me either.

      Thanks so much for your input. I’m certain we will be building a long term relationship over at WA! Your sites are awesome! Glad to hear of your much deserved success!

  3. Thank you for this detailed unbiased review and you have used both products. Have always wondered why some people review products they have not used.

    1. You’re welcome Harriet. I don’t believe in providing reviews for thing I’ve never participated in, it’s just bad business. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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