What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program? Wealthy Affiliate or MLSP?


Round 2 – Is Your Money on the Best Affiliate Marketing Program? 

In order to draw a complete comparison of two opposing systems, I will now cover the items that were listed in the chart at the end of the previous page.  If you ended up here before reading Part 1 of this review, please take the time to read What is the BEST Affiliate Marketing Program? before continuing.

“Battle for the Best!”

“Is it easy to get help?”

Both systems have ways to get in touch with not only it’s tremendous member base but there is also full access to the developers of the systems as well.

WA – You have full access to Kyle and Carson through their integrated forums, comments, live chat and private messaging.  All of these features are an integral part of their custom built system.  There is a support ticket system within WA, however it is set-up for technical site issues only.  Members have the ability to ask the community for help at anytime with a unique feature that allows a member to highlight their live chat post as a question to the community, which sometimes receives an instant response by the “Ambassador” level members.

MLSP – Norbert, Todd and Brian are available on Facebook (though due to friends limit being reached, you can only follow their fan pages), in their Official MLSP Facebook Group and a recently created MLSP Community Forum (that isn’t widely used by it’s members).  MLSP also has a complete off-site support ticket system.  Questions are handled professionally and normally within a reasonable time frame.

“Is Private Coaching Available?”

Absolutely!  Both systems have no end to the coaching possibilities.  However, there are big differences here and that’s why one box is checked and the other is not.  I wanted to be sure to identify that the support in both systems is quite contrasting.

With WA, you pretty much have access to not only the developers Kyle and Carson for some one-on-one time, which they offer freely whenever they are around, but you have access to several hundreds if not thousands of successful entrepreneurs that are using the system 24/7.  Many are willing to offer their time and help freely whenever they are online.  There are no “upsells” in the system for any other coaching products, all the coaching you need is provided for the nominal monthly fee, nor is there a fee for quality time with these professional marketers during your stay at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate also has live training “WAbinars” on Friday nights that include a Q & A session.  These webinars are system and process specific and do no upselling of products or services of any kind whatsoever.  The training is recorded for prosperity and can be viewed anytime through the system interface.

As for MLSP, there is always a member around willing to help.  If you want to team up “one-on-one” with any of their L3-L7 members (leaders of the EMT or MMT status which is based on leads and sales they’ve generated), you have a few choices:

  1. You learn what you can from the leader member’s blog sites and get on their email lists.
  2. Every M-F at 11:00-11:20 a.m. there is a Morning Wake-Up Call (Mindset training – you listen)
  3. Every Monday evening there is a webinar for System Orientation with Dean R. Black.
  4. There are Tues/Thurs “campfires” that are pow-wows with the leaders that you can sit in on.
  5. Follow the member’s FB posts and interact with them there or in the many private FB Groups.
  6. Spend a few hours a week in a Wednesday Webinar that more often than not has another product to pitch to you and the public from within the system, these webinars are recorded and available within 48 hours in the back office of the system, or
  7. You can pay MLSP leaders anywhere from a couple hundred an hour for coaching to thousands of dollars to be part of a “mastermind getaway” to get access to their premium time, they are considered professional marketing coaches.

There are some individuals that have created several private FB groups and Daily Coaching Hangouts to cater to their followers and divulge unlimited information throughout the week, but this is not the norm throughout the community.  And I fully understand that everyone wants to make a buck or two or ten in internet marketing through coaching these days…but to sell your time to those that you recruited into your downline, after they’re already paying a monthly fee that you’re earning a pretty hefty commission on…well, that’s personal opinion, but this is where that brutal honesty comes in.

“Is there a Live Chat?”

Wealthy Affiliate has a live chat feature built into the system so there is no need for an “Official” FB group to access the members in real time.  I’m not certain why there isn’t a group just for the sake of having one for those who spend time on FB…that decision was one made by Kyle and Carson.  I suppose if your spending all your time on FB, you’re probably not working on your niche website.

MLSP’s only live chat capability is made available thanks to the news feeds on Facebook or personal IM’s using the same.  There really is no communication feature within the system itself, so you’re bouncing in and out of each when working with others.  I never saw enough action in the MLSP Community Forum to call it an asset just yet…but that could change in the future.

These differences could be perceived as both good and bad, depending on which platform you spend your most time in.  For hardcore Facebook peeps, it’s not really an issue.

“Are there FREE Websites Available”

WA uses WordPress servers and includes not only 2 free websites on their yoursite.siterubix.com domain, but also includes the hosting for these two domains.  As a Premium Member you have the ability to host and create as many websites as you’d like.  All you pay for outside of WA is the annual fee for the domain name if you wish to use your own .com address (GoDaddy or NameCheap)

With MLSP, yes and no.  The “websites” (which are really just an intro/capture page, a “thank you” page and a sales page) are canned and everyone uses the same sites.  You are given links to these capture pages (that usually boast high profits from using the system and have an email sign-up box), so there is no way to build a standard website with MLSP, simply because that is not what they offer.

MLSP expects that you have already created your own website or are using an MLM sales site and are redirecting your people there after capturing their email address. (Though they have had members that use only mobile phones and utilize their Instagram strategy for building their lead list and signup of referrals.)

With both University and Mastery Memberships they do include internal “media hosting” that allows you to store up to 2 GB or 5 GB of pictures, video and text files, respectively, that can be used as training materials for your downline or linked into your blog posts.  High level (L3-L7) members have access to the MLSP blog to add posts of their own.  This media hosting should not be confused with server hosting that maintains a user’s active blog or website, you’ll have to pay for that yourself and if you’re inclined to incorporate your .com domain into the system, there is an additional cost of $50 (one-time) to apply your .com domain address to “mask” the mlsp.com site structure (on various domains) that everyone else is using.*

*One of the key issues here is that MLSP’s links have been identified as “spammy” by Facebook due to the overwhelming amount of affiliates who try to use their links improperly (mostly out of ignorance) on their pages, in marketing groups, etc.  Facebook and Google Adwords have both identified “capture pages” as sites that have little value as far as content goes.  Just something to consider if you’re mind’s eye sees you building a lucrative website, posting blogs, videos, using Adwords, etc.  This is NOT what MLSP offers to it’s members, though that is not to say they may not consider these avenues in the future.

“Is Web Hosting Included?”

With WA’s Starter Package which is FREE you can host 2 internal domains that you can build two permanent sites upon (yoursite.siterubix.com) .  There is no fee for these starter sites.  When a member upgrades to Premium, they receive unlimited hosting to create an unlimited number of sites.  This is to say that if you run 2 sites on GoDaddy at $10-20/mo., you could move these sites over to WA, pay the monthly fee for the service and dump GoDaddy altogether, eliminating the extra expense.

With MLSP there is no such website hosting service.  Only University and Mastery members are allowed to host media (vids, pics, text files) on the 2 GB and 5 GB partition respective for each account.  There is a one-time fee to “incorporate” (flip a switch) your current domain into the system structure.  I should note that there are many types of campaigns and products to promote in MLSP and each campaign or product has it’s own 3 page “lead capture” structure (lead->thankyou->sales), not to mention “upsells” that can be added in by the user, so in essence there are roughly 50+ or so unique site structures, however all of these sites are utilized/duplicated across the web by the entire community which includes tens of thousands of members.  To build an entirely unique set of fresh pages, one only needs to turn to “The Funnelizer” webpage builder and begin creating on their own!

“Can You Try it for FREE?”

At Wealthy Affiliate, not only can you TRY it for free, you can USE the limited Starter Package for FREE as long as you’d like.  You are removed from the instant messaging and access to the Premium level after the first 7 days and the training access is limited compared to those at the Premium level, but the access to the two sites you build on the free server is still fully functional.  You can become an affiliate and promote the system at no charge.

MLSP on the other hand has no FREE access to the system (except as an affiliate), but MLSP does allow you to experience trial access as a  “University” member at $9.95 for the first 10 days.  This is sufficient time to check out the workings of the system and see whether upgrading to full membership is right for you. (Monthly charges begin automatically after the trial period if you do not cancel within the 10 days by contacting support)  There is no refund available if you decide to cancel, but your access is available until your first month is used up.  You can also become an affiliate at no charge.

“Is there a Keyword Research Tool?”

This is where Wealthy Affiliate shines quite brightly compared to MLSP.  Not only have Kyle and Carson created their very own powerful keyword research tool outside of the system (Jaaxy.com) and grant you access to it with a free account that allows for 30 searches, there is also a keyword research tool included inside the system that Premium members have full access to.  This allows for an unlimited number of keyword searches!  An example keyword search inside the system is shown below.


MLSP = No Keyword Research Tool.  MLSP does have some internal training on how to do keyword research on your own using a couple of methods such as Googles Keyword Planner (free) and Market Samurai (~$89 USD).

“Is There an Affiliate Program?”

This is where the two programs differ quite substantially.  Wealthy Affiliate has a pretty simple affiliate program for both the Starter Package and the Premium Members and it breaks down like this:

Wealthy Affiliate

As you are able to discern by the info above, WA doubles the commissions on Premium member referrals.  WA has no information products or training to sell for commissions.

Wealthy Affiliate has a few options to create affiliate links that are “cookied” to the affiliate for life:


MLSP works a little bit differently and is a little more complicated.  Users are also “cookied” for life. The payout as a non-mastery affiliate is difficult information to locate even within the affiliate’s access to the back end, but it is described on the Mastery sales page as follows:


Not only does MLSP allow you to make a bigger profit off of the referrals to the system, but you have 10 ways to promote it!  Also, there are 13 products that you can refer buyers to and make sales on the products alone.  By upgrading to memberships (Academy/University/Mastery), you are granted increasing access to new campaigns and products.  Only Mastery Members receive 100% commission on the Pure Profit Products which have resell rights and O.T.O. (One-Time Offer) funnels that go as high as $2497.

These MLSP campaigns (system referrals) and Products (digital trainings/private member sites) are available to ANY good-standing, non-mastery affiliate of MLSP to promote:

So as you can see, MLSP certainly has a higher potential for pay-outs based solely on the number of promotions an affiliate can work with to create sales.  However, the “price-point” factor does come into play when considering your audience.  The products offered by MLSP range anywhere from $7 to $497 on the front end, with the potential for upsells through O.T.O. funnels after each sale that can go as high as $1497.

In the next round, we’ll cover the “Good, Bad & The Ugly” as it relates to each system, or for that matter…any affiliate marketing system out there.

For more of the blow-by-blow, click on Page 3 below!

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Leland Best - CEO of Best Conceptions LLC, has worn many hats over the past 35 years. He has trained and certified in Radio/TV/CATV Production, Automotive Design, Firefighting and Fire/Water Damage Restoration. Leland has been working with computers and the internet since their inceptions, and during his 25 year career as a Civil Designer his home-based business served several Fortune 500's. Leland and his wife Jenna call the Shiawassee River their home where he currently follows his passion as an author, live streamer, video producer and affiliate website builder under the brands BCBLive!™, and The Megabit Affiliate™.

8 thoughts on “What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program? Wealthy Affiliate or MLSP?”

  1. Hello Leland! I’m enjoying your WA / MLSP articles.

    I was introduced to affiliate programs through Wealthy Affiliate, and their many trainings and fantastic support system has helped me to get through the initial difficulties of launching an online business out of what i considered was “just a hobby”.

    The best thing I like about Wealthy Affiliates is the wonderful sense of community. everyone wants to see each other succeed! And when everyone takes interest in one another’s success, great things begin to happen 🙂

    As for MLSP, it seems to have many benefits of their own as well. All in all it seems like the choice is what’s best for the individual as they both seem to have a great system in place.

    Great articles you’ve got here, keep ’em coming! : )


    1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the article series, which is yet to be completed! And you’re right, each system on it’s own is strong and well-built. The main thing is that each system is geared toward a different audience and many try to compare apples to oranges in reviews that aren’t really covering all the topics that need to be brought to light.

      I plan to end the confusion once and for all. I still have many friends in MLSP and hope to maintain those relationships in the future. Of course, not everyone will agree with the rawness of my article series, but truth be told, that’s not my concern. I just want the newcomers to be fully informed on both systems so they can make an informed decision as to which is the right one for them.

      Thanks again for stopping by!


  2. Pssh….

    No disrespect towards MLSP or anything but it doesn’t bring nearly as much value to the table that WA does, as seen with your comparison table!

    I’ve been apart of MLSP before, lets just say that I didn’t make squat with what they teach but I’m now making $1,000’s each month with WA 🙂

    Thanks for this awesome post, looking forward to more!


    1. None taken Colton! If you did manage to read the full depth of my 7 page article I think you saw I agree with you. MLSP is geared toward MLM, which doesn’t work well with me either.

      Thanks so much for your input. I’m certain we will be building a long term relationship over at WA! Your sites are awesome! Glad to hear of your much deserved success!

  3. Thank you for this detailed unbiased review and you have used both products. Have always wondered why some people review products they have not used.

    1. You’re welcome Harriet. I don’t believe in providing reviews for thing I’ve never participated in, it’s just bad business. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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