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Wealthy Affiliate’s built-in Keyword Tool, Keyword Lists and Rapid Writer blog drafting tool!

If you’re at all like me, you probably have at least a couple, or even a few good working tools at your disposal when you’re working on your SEO. Wealthy Affiliate has made the effort to make your job that much easier by including a keyword tool within the system, allowing you to maintain a sense of “oneness” by creating, in essence, and “All-in-One” training, blogging, research platform. Let’s break down one or two of the other unique features about WA, that many other systems are lacking.

Keyword Research Tool

From my perspective, I have yet to come across another affiliate marketing system that has a built-in keyword research tool. In Wealthy Affiliate, accessing their tool is a simple as picking on a menu item in the back office of the member site. Once you’ve logged into the WA platform, look down along the left column of the page for “Keyword Tool”, click on that link and you’ll be taken to the screen below:
wealthy-affiliate-keyword-toolThis tool has been stripped down to the basic essential of simple keyword entry. It’s speed isn’t lacking in any way, in fact I find it to be faster than most any other online keyword tool out there, even some of the expensive “paid” versions of these tools. All one has to do is simply enter a keyword and click on “Search for Keywords”. Watch the quick video below to see how it’s done.

As you can see, the results are displayed almost instantly. Below is a sample of the exact data that was returned in the video:
As shown in the demonstration in the video, the search tool returns a good amount of usable information is a very short amount of time. All of the columns can be sorted alphabetically or numerically by selecting the title of the column you wish to focus on. The table of results gives a quick snapshot that is easily and quick to evaluate:

Searches = Total number of Google searches performed for this “exact match” keyword or keyword phrase.

Traffic = Total amount of traffic a number 1 spot on Google’s page 1 rank would be expected to receive every month.

Article Power = Algorithm metric of how easy or difficult a keyword or phrase would be to rank (0 hard – 10 easy)

PPC Power = Metric to help decide if keyword would make a good candidate for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising campaigns.

The other two (2) items of interest in this table are the Competition and Dig categories:

Competition = Access to Google Search determines # of sites/pages ranking with this “exact match” keyword or phrase.

Dig = Places focus on selected keyword(s) and performs “long tail keyword” processing for easier to rank “low hanging fruit”.

wa-keyword-save-to-listSo from here you can save the keywords you’d like to save to a list. Simply select your preferred keywords and hit the “Save to List” button in the upper left portion of the screen. You may either create a fresh new list based on your keyword, by using any name you’d like, or you may add them to an existing list by selecting that list through the use of the drop-down menu that show up after choosing the radio button next to “Save to Existing List”. You may select the image to the right in order to see a larger version.

Once saved, your lists are available to you whenever you require access to them. You may also decide to save particular lists to combine with other lists inside of, let’s say, a spreadsheet program like Excel of Open Office or Google Sheets. You can currently download the file in a tab delimited .txt file only. I have made requests to Kyle and Carlson about having access to also download .csv files in the format of your choosing. I’m still waiting on that feature to be implemented soon.

There are no features or capabilities for sorting alphabetically in ascending or descending order or by number of keywords once you create your lists, so be sure to do any sorting prior to saving. You can select the name of any list you’d like to review, edit or download and can delete any list at any time. See the pictures below to get an idea of what you’ll see back there:

List of Saved Keyword Lists and Recently Searched Keywords
Viewing a Typical Keyword List from the List (ie. test)

There you have it. That’s about all there is you’ll need to know about the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research Tool. This feature is probably one of the most used, and most widely appreciated in the entire WA arsenal. The fact that it is relied on by so many members is sometimes overlooked. One reason for this oversight is that once people discover how powerful this tool is, they usually take the next evolutionary step by acquiring Kyle and Carson’s heavy hitting, and even more powerful player known as the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. You can find my review article on Jaaxy here when it’s complete.

I should be able to get to that one before the week is over (Halloween 2015). If you’d rather not wait and would like to take a look inside the other tool now, add a search string in the box below and you’ll be taken over to Jaaxy to open your very own free account that allows you to perform 30 free searches!

Rapid Writer

Since this feature of Wealthy Affiliate is rather self explanatory on it’s own, I figure rather than write and post little pics of the feature this time, I’d just include a short 2.5 minute video. Saves us both a bit of time on the production end of things and I’d like to wrap this article up and move on to other aspects of Wealthy Affiliate that deserve a higher demand on our attention.

In Conclusion

Well, that’s it for now folks. I’m going to let this article stand on it’s own two feet from here on out. I don’t see any real need to add any more feature content into this post. If you haven’t already seen by now how Wealthy Affiliate is probably the BEST affiliate marketing training platform ON THE PLANET, then I’m not sure that any more attempts on my part of convincing you is going to do either of us any amount of good!

What I do know is this… With THIS platform, you CAN create a lucrative and ethical business for you and your family. This can even be something that a person and their spouse could do well working together. Heck, the whole family could get involved with a home-based business that runs as a communal website (my first thought of course is a candy store site! Yum!).

But I digress, the entire point of this value-choked article and it’s series of everlasting pages was to give you as much information as I possibly could to show just how incredible of a system Wealthy Affiliate University really is. You’ll see me doing many more posts and videos until this website is dripping with content (like honey in a bee hive) about the WA community, it’s members, it’s owners and it’s ability to change one’s life for the better.

Be glad you found this site, it might just be the stepping stone to your “tomorrow land”! If you are still on the fence, maybe this chart will pound home the final nail. Remember, you can remain a Starter member for free as long as you like, but nearly everyone I’ve seen that is serious about earning an income online, becomes a Premium member within their first week at WA! Check it out for yourself. What have you got to lose?
If there are any questions about WA that haven’t been answered already (which I find unlikely, but I suppose it’s possible!), then be sure to reach out to me for clarification. You can always fill out a contact form and I’ll get back to you straight away.

Or just come out and visit me at my WA Profile and we can hook up on the inside!

Either way you go, thanks for stopping by and be sure to leave a comment below before you share this with your friends!
See you on the flip side,

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