Is the Wealthy Affiliate Legit? An Epic Scam Review


The Site RubiX  SiteManager, SiteFeedback and SiteComments,  Get Xcited!

I had originally titled this page of the review “Coming Soon…Keyword Research, Site Feedback and Site Comments! Get excited!”, and I’m sorry if I disappointed in any way by the change up, but in the end this will all work out better for both of us.  You see, there is SO MUCH to cover in the back end of WA, that if I’m not careful in which direction I turn while in this review, I might lose you… and I seriously don’t want to do that, now do I?!

Instead, I decided to keep these first three areas more cohesive as they relate inside the system.  I’m only going to lightly touch upon SiteManager at this point and pretty much shoot straight through to the SiteFeedback and SiteComments sections.  So my next page post with include more details of Site Manager, the keyword research module, link tracking and the built-in Rapid Writer article creator.  All around this makes much more sense, and you’ll see why as we go.  I’m currently working on the rest of this page right now and tomorrow morning before I take off for a weekend camping trip with all of the family (Sept. 19th, 2015), so I should have most everything up by Friday!  You’ll be able to cover all of this while I’m away!

I also hope to have another “walk-thru” video of this area inside WA created before I leave.

What is Site Rubix?site-rubix-menu

Seems like a reasonable question.  Site Rubix is the Managed WordPress Hosting platform that supports the entire infrastructure of the websites that
members of Wealthy Affiliate are creating on a daily basis.  The domain is where the totally FREE Starter Package accounts are hosted.

For example:  If you sign up for a free account (without a CC number by the way…) you can make 2 sites inside subdomains of

Or if you prefer, you can obtain your own domain name through places like NameCheap or GoDaddy (the only 2 I recommend) and then point (forward) that domain name to the SiteRubix hosting platform and build your site using the Site Rubix SiteManager.  To the right is what it looks like to a member.

The Site Rubix “Site Manager”wa-rubix-site-manager

I would take you through the Site Builder, but my 3 minute video in my post “What is the Best, Fastest and Easiest Way to Build a Website for Free?”, covers it all using the least amount of time and energy.  The Site Manager is basically the “Pre-wp-admin” panel that has some pretty slick features.  When you click on the Site Manager tab you’re taken to the screen to the right.  This is where you can access any of the sites you’ve built inside WA.

Not only does WA maintain strict password encryption through this method, but there is also a SiteHealth “rating” that is determined by many key factors one should consider when building a niche website, those are things like

  • Publishing Frequency
  • Content Quantity & Quality
  • Visitor Engagment and Your Engagement with Your Visitors
  • The Number of Plugins you have installed (too many can bog you down!)
  • Your Sites Trust and Rating with the Search Engines (particularly Google!)
  • The amount of Site Feedback you’re getting

By refreshing your site in the manager, you can head over and see how you’re site is holding up!  A new site would start off with all 0%, these “metrics”(if you want to call them that), can keep an individual on-track to keep their site maintaining good site health, thereby maintaining a clear and dominant presence on the web!  Below is a typical example of a site good content and ranking, but little continuous action or engagement.


Just when you thought you were crushing it, you go and ask for Site Feedback, Oy vey!


We all have our own egos, whether big or small, we all have them.  The problem with egos is they have a hard time with criticism.  When building a
site for all the world to see, it’s probably still a good idea to have someone look over your work and give you a little honest feedback as to how your blog, video or personal rant is perceived by others.  Now just because Wealthy Affiliate (WA) caters to internet marketers, doesn’t mean everyone is of the same attitude or belief as the next.  What may come across as perfectly wonderful to one person, might rub another in the complete opposite direction.  So it’s good to get “fed” with all the honest opinions you can get, right? lol

So if you’re not the faint of heart, and aren’t inclined to attempt to reach through your monitor and choke that poor soul that just reviewed your post, then SiteFeedback is for you!  This “Pay it Forward” approach to helping others build up their website, and ultimately their business, is one of the key features inside WA that no other affiliate system can offer.

You start by giving your feedback to others.  You must review a site-rubix-offer-feedbackfew sites, whether its based on overall looks, specific content, or just it’s visual appeal or graphic content (the site builder is at liberty to decide for you).  Site Feedback is expected to be something more than a simple “good job” or “great site” kind of review also.  The system expects and is capable of REJECTING cookie-cutter, useless spam-a-tron type feedback that does neither the site or the site’s owner any good.

The system is built to HELP the site creators tweak, revise, replace, restore or whatever else may have to take place during the construction phase in order to make their site the best one out there. As you can imagine, this is one area that WA both shines and suffers at the hands of its users. Good feedback produces good results, while short-handed, regurgitated and lazy “atta boy” reviews aren’t doing anything for anyone and they’re just downright annoying.

Though it looks like this part of the system is improving over time. As seasoned members step up and speak out to the newer member of the community that are not familiar with what good feedback really is, the community as a whole is coming together to be sure that any feedback left on other sites is of the utmost quality.  Is is also becoming commonplace for folks to simply steer clear of sites they don’t have any knowledge or real interest in and to refrain from commenting to avoid lackluster reviews.

Site Comments – NOT just another comment in your spam folder!

This is what SiteRubix has to say about SiteComments

When it comes to comments on our site, we would love to see healthy, robust, engaging comments by our readers, right?  Not just some “Great Post, Dude!” that is so prevalent out there by folks that just stop by and want to leave their mark on your page.  Or worse yet, you get spammed by a bunch of black-hat SEO types that try to put comments on your page that have absolutely nothing to do with your post!

In fact, one of my favorite things to do at least once a week is to go through most of my spammy comments that have been blocked from my site thanks to Akizmet and read all the junk people come up with as a means to leave a back link on your site!  It’s incredible what they believe is actually going to be left on someone’s post!

Well, Wealthy Affiliate has found a way to solve that problem and not just by automatically installing the Akizmet plugin for you to setup on your sites with!  No, Kyle and Carson have developed their own unique method of creating engaging comments on your site through a tool in the back office called “SiteComments”.  As I noted before in SiteFeedback, this is a “pay it forward” type process where you can only receive comments for your own site if you’ve taken the time to create good, hard-hitting comments for others first!  This is how it works:


Site Comments is more than just a place to leave a comment for another site.  At first glance it almost looks like another social media website!  There’s pics of the top commentators along with a concise way to view all of the metrics involved with this aspect of the system.  As you can see there are 5 sections on the main page of SiteComments:

  1. Take a Tour
  2. My Settings
  3. Earn Credits
  4. Request Comments
  5. Site Comments

Now, this is the order I probably would have put them in, which is in fact the reverse of what’s shown above.  I’m not really sure what mode of thinking established the top menu outside of the order you would use them in, except perhaps how often you would use each feature after you set it up (which is most likely).

The entry point is where you can see the top commentators along with how much activity you have had from your end.  As you can see there are two larger buttons to “Offer Comments” and to “Request Comments”.  In the video I’ve provided below, you’ll see what the tour involves.  From there let’s look at the settings you can establish in SiteComments before use:site-rubix-comments-settings

My Settings

What you’re basically doing here is setting up your default email address, preferably one that is tied to a Gravatar account for displaying your picture, or some icon that represents who or what you are to the person receiving the comment.  This area also shows how many comments you’ve made and how many credits you’ve earned by doing so.  Not all comments are approved!  A comment generated through SiteComments is checked for length (at least 50 words), originality (no cookie-cutter comments here!) and relevancy (to some extent).

My Settings -> My Interests

Here you are also allowed to establish interests.  Why?  Because it’s always more difficult to leave a comment on a site when you’re not familiar with the niche or topics that are being discussed on a particular blog.  You see, the system prompts each user to leave a comment on a site it randomly generates in the back end, this way their no “picking and choosing” sites that might be easier to comment on.  The system does, however, take into account the interests that you put in your settings, this way you’re not reviewing and leaving comments for sites you wouldn’t normally have any interest in

For instance, let’s say you choose an interest in gaming, it’s more likely you’ll see someone’s site on gaming pop up in the SiteComments dashboard than one on cooking.  Now you can select on the site, read through the article presented and leave a comment right through the dashboard!  You have to be careful not to comment on the site itself, otherwise you won’t get credit for the post.  Believe me, I’ve done this twice now!  It’s rather unique to have a hosting platform that allows you to create and track your comments on other sites with such an integrated system!  I’m sure this is a first!

Earn Credits

What’s most important is that this system allows new sites to begin ranking in the search engines much quicker because there is live engagement.  This tells Google that you have something interesting to share with the world and the world is responding!  This is why its also so important that the members provide relevant and useful comments.  Just posting an “adda boy!” isn’t doing anyone a heap of good.  It’s when people are actively conversing over topics relevant to the niche involved that the ball starts rolling.

Request Commentssite-rubix-comment-history

Once a user has created a few comments on other site, then they can request comments on their own site.  This type of pay it forward approach is a great way to get good quality feedback from others.

Not only are you able to create and receive
comments through the system directly to the other blogs within the platform, but the system is storing all of this data in one place for you to refer back to time and time again if like.

The Comment History allows you to step back and find where you received or left comments on other sites, with links to the exact page you were on when you did so.

So as you can see, this is just another unique feature inside Wealthy Affiliate that you will not find in any other site hosting package.  These feature are not only extremely useful in developing a new website, but the built-in functionality is constantly under improvement by the owners.  I don’t think there’s a year that goes by that this system doesn’t unveil some kind of tremendous tool that is included in the price for all Premium Members!


Check out “6 Really Cool Things you can do in The Wealthy Affiliate Member’s Profile”, I think you’ll be surprised at what’s in there!

Next time around, we’ll be checking out the built-in Keyword Tool, Keyword Lists and Rapid Writer!  Don’t miss it!

Be sure to leave a comment below, and try to stop by to Visit My WA Profile! and feel free to have a look around.

When you’re ready to move on… Head over to Page 5 BELOW!

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Leland Best - CEO of Best Conceptions LLC, has worn many hats over the past 35 years. He has trained and certified in Radio/TV/CATV Production, Automotive Design, Firefighting and Fire/Water Damage Restoration. Leland has been working with computers and the internet since their inceptions, and during his 25 year career as a Civil Designer his home-based business served several Fortune 500's. Leland and his wife Jenna call the Shiawassee River their home where he currently follows his passion as an author, live streamer, video producer and affiliate website builder under the brands BCBLive!™, and The Megabit Affiliate™.

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