Is the Wealthy Affiliate Legit? An Epic Scam Review


OK, Where were we?  Oh yeah… Wealthy Affiliate University TRAINING!

If you think that was everything I had to show you on the extent of training available over at WA, guess again.  In this part I’ll get a little more in depth with the various types of training and classroom settings that are available to Premium Members in particular.  This is where, if you’re not careful, you can get caught up in “information overload”.  It’s never a good thing if you get stuck in that mode.  You’ll start to have the belief that you can never know enough before you begin taking ACTION!  I cover this a little more in a post I just wrote today on my blog over at Wealthy Affiliate.

We’ve gone over some of the Basic Training that is available, but that was just an example of Phase 1 with a breakdown of the top 10 lessons that are available to Free and Premium members alike.  Now let’s get into some of the more intense training.

Classrooms By the “Baker’s Dozen”

wealthy-affiliate-classroomsNot only is there a step-by-step course instruction on Entrepreneur Certification as I mention before, but there are also thirteen (13) fantastic forums that every Premium member has access to at any time, to ask questions, share content, check out training by other members, or have general topical conversations.  Each classroom is categorized to represent a particular aspect of internet marketing that is part and parcel to the success of building a niche website.  A list of these classrooms is shown to the left.wealthy-affiliate-classrooms2


Once you enter the side menu classroom area, you have the option of which classes you would like to enter into.  The first two classroom settings appear in the center of the page as shown to the right.

When you choose a class that fits your needs, you simply click on the large green button to enter enter the virtual classroom.

As you can see by the comments and replies shown in the lower right-hand corner of each room, there is some pretty serious activity going on in there!

Questions & Answers, Tutorials, Videos and  Courses

Once inside the classroom you are presented with the forum categories that pertain to specific Questions and Answers within that particular classroom.  Members of all levels participate together in discussions to solve the problems faced by the members.  This part of the community is “paying it forward” to the highest extent.

More places to ask questions than you can swing a stick at!

As you can see here, a ton of activity taking place in the classrooms!

Questions & Answers are actually interlinked with a tab within the user profile section that allows each individual member to ask specific questions that they can track through their personal profile page.

I’ll get more into the profile section later, so you can see how the two are connected.

As for the next three tabs on the page (Tutorials, Videos and Courses), which are pretty self-explanatory, the image below show what you get under the Tutorials and Video training.  As of the publish date of this post there were 11 Tutorials and 13 Video Trainings.  I expect many more to follow.

The course tab simply give you an overview of the step-by-step training modules which are part of the Basic Training with a little extra here and there, like custom content by other members.


Between the Tutorials and Videos tabs, you could spend WEEKS in Training Camp!

Course Tab is a Quick Link to the Basic Training Modules

Could it possibly get any better?

Well sure it could!  How about we just throw in some LIVE Friday night webinars (known on the inside as WAbinars!) and spend a couple hours with an industry expert (Jay from

LIVE Training every Friday is RECORDED!

Are you starting to get the BIG PICTURE here?  I should certainly hope so!  And to even try to imagine the type of interaction that takes place daily within the Q&A portions of the site…there is perhaps not a single question or concern that would ever go unanswered within the community as a whole!


Is All Advice Good Advice?

I’ll be honest, sometimes new members have to take heed that many an unseasoned internet marketer, especially one that has just learned a thing or two, will try at times to answer questions a little outside of their particular expertise or skill set.  And while they mean well, it can lead to some issues with getting the BEST answer out there.

So it’s always important and sometimes necessary to weigh out the good with the bad and be certain to do your due diligence before relying on any newer member’s advice.  The “ranking” system was established as a means to somewhat determine the level of community involvement a member has based on sever factors (which we’ll cover on another page), however,one of the inherit flaws in the general points structure is that some folks with little experience can receive high rankings just by participating, blogging and attempting to answer question in the Q&A sections, without any real knowledge of all the inner workings of the system or internet marketing in general.

But, for the most part, anyone that is actively participating within Wealthy Affiliate has a pretty good understanding of how the system itself works and not too many newbies are really stepping outside of their comfort zones without first making it through the majority of the training modules.

That pretty much covers the majority of the internet marketing training and system tutorial aspect of Wealthy Affiliate University.  I started with the training camp to enlighten those that may believe this is just another “run-of-the-mill” network marketing system, meant to take your money.  That couldn’t be any further from the truth!  As you just saw…the membership fees don’t even come close to representing the VALUE that is given to each member by delivering a true internet marketing EDUCATION!

Since my video above already covered creating a profile and touched upon the blogging section, the notifications and chat along with how easy it is to leverage the system by sharing almost any piece of content that is created within the Wealthy Affiliate interface, I’ll see about spending some time inside the research, feedback and comment sections of the back office.  I should be able to get some information up here after I take the dog to the groomer.  If not, it will be sometime before the summer’s over!

Watch for it!  Until then…stay cool.  I hear it’s pretty hot out there!

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