Is the Wealthy Affiliate Legit? An Epic Scam Review


What’s behind Door No. 1?  Wealthy Affiliate Activities and Training, that’s what!

One of my personalized Wealthy Affiliate login pages

This is just ONE of my personalized Wealthy Affiliate login screens.  Not only can I create a few of these anyway I’d like to see them, WA also sets a cookie on the member side that allows you to login by simply clicking on the “Login” button!  No username to enter, no password to remember to type.  Just another pretty cool feature that’s seamlessly integrated without you having to think about it.

UPDATE: Here’s a newly produced Walk-Through of the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member Training Platform:

As for a recap on the training…continue below.  I’ve provided a bunch of pics inside the interface for you to take in until I get that video uploaded somewhere else!

Here’s the main activity dashboard on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate:

Click HERE to view larger image

What may at first look like information overload, is actually a streamlined page that allows users access to the entire system.

The color-coded menu in the upper-left corner leads members into the more important aspects of the site such as:wealthy-affiliate-dashboard-menu

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Basic Training
  • Live Chat
  • SiteRubix Site Manager
  • Affiliate Bootcamp

Along the top center are tabs that change for each part of the system you are using.  For example, here (in the Activity Dashboard) you’ll see tabs relating to activity that streams through the center of the site.  These can be filtered out as you like with the 2nd row of tabs.  Below the filters are displayed a few new members, with direct links to their profile page and the ability to instantly add them in your network.

Top 10 Trending things happening at WA!

Along the right side is a live chat feature that allows you to connect with active members in real-time.  Just above the live chat is a menu bar that gives access to each part of the members account and content creation sections.  Along the lower left is a scrolling menu to access other areas of the site that include:

  • A built-in keyword research tool
  • All of the classroom forums
  • Rapid Writer (an on-the-fly content creator)
  • LIVE training sessions (recorded every Friday evening)
  • The WA affiliate program (to get others involved in WA)

More on all that stuff later…


Wealthy Affiliate University – a.k.a. “Basic Training”

In all my years of being involved with various training platforms for affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is hands-down THE BEST Affiliate Marketing TRAINING PROGRAM I’ve ever come across.  There are plenty of wanna-be’s when it comes to internet marketing training camps, but I can say without a doubt that there are none that compare to the wealth of step-by-step tutorial instruction, given by the developers and professional users of the site, that literally TEACH someone how to come into profit by tapping into the realm of online niche marketing.

wealthy-affiliate-basic-trainingWhen I first began their free internet marketing training course, I assumed that there were going to be 10 lessons and I’d be all good and that was that…boy was I mistaken!  And I’m glad that I was.  What I soon discovered is that the 10 lessons were only the Level 1 training!  The Online Entrepreneur Certification contains a total of 5 levels!  5 levels = 10 lessons/level = 50 lessons in BASIC TRAINING ALONE!  I was sold on being a Premium member instantly.

This is an idea of what to expect in Levels 1-5:


As a brief example, this is what is covered in the Level 1 training, Lessons 1-10:

Click to enlarge

Are you beginning to see what I mean by the quality and depth of training that is available inside Wealthy Affiliate’s training program?

Not only does each lesson contain textual, step-by-step instructions, but included in each lesson is a 10-30 minute video by the site’s co-developer Kyle himself. His tutorials show him working on his screen so you know exactly how to perform each task!

But WAIT!  That’s not all!  It’s easy to just read or watch a training by someone and think you’ve learned it.  What usually happens, however, is that information goes in one ear and out the other and never really gets applied to one’s website or online business!  Wealthy Affiliate has solved that problem also!

At the end of each lesson, you are expected to perform tasks that have to be “checked off” before the next stage of training is automatically displayed in the menu bar.  You can move ahead if you like, but if you ignore the tasks, the system keeps track of your progress and keeps bringing you back to finish up what was expected of you!  How ingenious is that?!  Here’s a simple excerpt of a training page, broken down into it’s 3 primary elements:

wa-txt-trainingTextual Training Lesson – Not only is Kyle very descriptive with his content, he personally walks you through each step necessary before you’re given the tasks to perform.

Easy to follow instructions make it a “no-brainer” when it comes time to build your site, create your content and engage your audience.

Kyle leaves no question in your mind of what is expected and if you don’t fully understand the content, there is a forum thread attached to each lesson where individuals ask questions that will either be answered by Kyle himself, or other members that have a better understanding of the concepts being taught in the lesson.


wealthy-affiliate-video-trainingVideo Training Lesson – From what I’ve seen and experienced, the textual lesson seems to be primarily of a transcription of the video included within the context of each lesson.  This is awesome because you can somewhat follow along with the text as you watch the video.  Though I recommend watching the video then reading the content, or vice-versa.

Once again Kyle delivers with a teaching style that would accommodate both beginner and expert alike.  His kind manner and attention to detail make this part of the training a pleasure to take part in.


wealthy-affiliate-task-trainingAccountability Tasks – THIS was the aspect of the training I think I was impressed with the most!

After each lesson you are expected to perform various tasks and check off your progress.  This usually involves acknowledging that you completed the training video, created a blog post related to the training and engaged within the community or social media as a means to get your new content bustling with activity!

In this fashion, you are almost guaranteed to get interaction, commenting and sharing taking place while building each new page of your site!

Now, that’s just a brief overview of the Activity Dashboard and one example of one lesson from the Basic Training you’ll receive.  This review of Wealthy Affiliate has just begun to scratch the surface!

So stick around.  I’m going to take a much deserved break to celebrate the 4th of July with my family and friends for the rest of the day.  But I’ll be back bright and early tomorrow to move onto another aspect of the back office of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any questions so far, or have something in particular you’d like to see next, just leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you before I begin the next page.  If not, keep an eye out and I’ll just keep moving along…

Until then…  I’m outta here!  Happy 4th of July everyone!

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