Traffic Travis – More Than Just a Funny Face?


Traffic Travis may look childish on the outside, but it’s all grown up on the inside

A few years back, when I started my internet career in network marketing, rather than affiliate marketing, I saw a disturbing trend taking place.  Many people thought it was a good idea to follow one of those blogging “gurus” out there who was selling a product that boasted of getting people all kinds of link juice by building thousands of backlinks using some unorthodox “black hat” link building tactics.  I decided to stay away from the fold of people who followed this guy and I’m kinda glad I did.  I watched as several others made the huge mistake of trying to beat the system and get many of their website penalized by Google for improper link building practices.

Sad and confused, a lot of these people gave up and left internet marketing to get a “real job.” If I had followed this supposed “guru”, I could have been one of those people, too.  I’ve always been one to prefer to use “white hat” or what I like to call “clean-cut” strategies to build my websites.  Therefore, I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to maintain my sites in the most ethical way I can find.  That usually means rifling through several different software packages at a time to find the best keyword research tools.  That’s where Traffic Travis comes out of the sandbox to play with the big boys!

Traffic Travis is an SEO and PPC software suite. It looked a bit comical on the outside, but then again so do a lot of my sites!  But with a 60-day money back guarantee, I figure I had nothing to lose. I have not looked back since! Traffic Travis has had a big influence on the way I handle my SEO strategy by making it effortless to find high-quality, relevant back links. I can find profitable keywords easily, and it makes on-site optimization simple, too.

But before you get decide to jump on board just because I say it’s cool, there are some things you should know first, first take a look at the video, then please be sure to read the rest of my review…

–>> Watch the Video Overview HERE! <<—

Having a Tough Time Beating Out Your Competition?  Try Using this Software!

Its always a difficult task to figure out why your competitors are ranking better than you. I never really paid much attention to backlinks for my sites (and still don’t get bent out of shape over them), because I spent weeks trying to find amazing, relevant back links. It didn’t work. Then I learned the secret to SEO: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Traffic Travis lets you spy on your competitors, and figure out what their backlinks are. You can then go and take those backlinks for yourself! When I learned this, SEO suddenly made sense.

Discover WHY Your Website Isn’t Ranking

You might be thinking to yourself “If I simply copy the backlinks my competitors have, how will that help me inside Google search engine”? Awesome question! The only way you’re going to beat out your competition in the end is on-site optimization! Traffic Travis will do an SEO website audit and tell you what fixes need to be made. You may start out with a website that has a “C” ranking initially, but after fixing all of the problems it has, you may very well get an “A+” ranking with Traffic Travis!

Having Trouble Deciding Which Keywords to Set Your Sites On?

If you haven’t noticed already, there is no doubt that some keywords seem easier to rank for than others. If you pick an easy keyword, you can rank quickly, and make rank and move toward making money with those keywords much faster. If you pick a hard keyword, it could take you several months before you ever seen a return on your investment. If you’re unsure what steps you need to take to select good keywords, Traffic Travis has a keyword research tool built-in that tells you how easy a keyword is to rank for before you spend months or time and energy trying to rank for it.  There is also an included rank-tracking feature that makes it simple to monitor your keywords and see how they’re performing in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages)

You Have a Choice to Go Free or Go Pro!

Traffic Travis has two versions to choose from: the free version, and the professional version. The free version has several limitations, but is still a great tool all on it’s own. I started with the free version myself.  The free version is limited in that it only allows you to see 100 of your competitors’ backlinks. For some strategies to work, you need to have access to all of your competitors back links, which only the professional version will do for you.  The pro version also lets you track the rankings of an unlimited number of websites and it allows for more accurate keyword difficulty reporting.

So, if you are dead serious about SEO, the free version might not be enough. You may want to check out the professional version.  But that’s entirely up to you and the way you work when it comes to SEO, keyword research and targeting.

Conclusion: Traffic Travis Will Up the Standards of Your SEO Strategy

If you want to take your SEO to a professional level, I highly recommend the upgrade to Traffic Travis Professional.
Here is what you get when you go all in:

  • Backlink analyzer tool.
  • Onsite SEO audit tool.
  • Advanced keyword competition analyzer tool.
  • Track the rankings for unlimited websites.
  • PPC keyword analyzer tool. (See what PPC keywords your competitors are targeting!)
  • Plus lots more!

But ACT FAST! Right now you can get Traffic Travis for just $1 and try it out for seven days. This offer is set to expire soon.
As an additional bonus, if you buy it through my affiliate link, I’m going to throw in a free video training series:

  • How to Profit Wildly from Your Own SEO Business
  • Secrets of a Link Building Genius
  • Offline Traffic Millionaire Secrets
  • Driving Floods of Repeat Sales with Email Marketing
  • How to Get High Search Engine Rankings, from Beginner to Advanced

These videos have been created by some of the biggest internet marketers in the world (Mark Ling, Russel Brunson, Duncan Carver and Marc Lindsay). To get them while they are still available, for just $1, sign up NOW:


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Leland Best - CEO of Best Conceptions LLC, has worn many hats over the past 35 years. He has trained and certified in Radio/TV/CATV Production, Automotive Design, Firefighting and Fire/Water Damage Restoration. Leland has been working with computers and the internet since their inceptions, and during his 25 year career as a Civil Designer his home-based business served several Fortune 500's. Leland and his wife Jenna call the Shiawassee River their home where he currently follows his passion as an author, live streamer, video producer and affiliate website builder under the brands BCBLive!™, and The Megabit Affiliate™.

2 thoughts on “Traffic Travis – More Than Just a Funny Face?”

  1. Hello – I have just been reading through this article about Traffic Travis and was wondering how useful this might be for a new start up business online?

    May I ask how it helps knowing about backlinks? As a total newbie to this area of backlinking I am curious whether this is just another SEO tool among the pile that a newbie needs to get to grips with or something that the startup business needs straight away?

    I hope this isn’t a totally idiotic question but do hope you don’t mind me asking.

    Many thanks – Andre

    1. First off Andre, no question is an idiotic one, so always feel free to ask away! Second, as for back links, it’s really more important that they are built naturally (by people who want to). One reason I mentioned them in the article is because Traffic Traffic seems to have a heavy focus on them, which isn’t necessary, but some people thrive on doing it. Your site builds “authority” by being connected to other “authority” sites. This basically means that if people who have been out here in cyberspace and built a lucrative business think highly of your site, then Google will extend a welcome handshake to you for being “referred” by the other.

      With recent changes in Google algorithms, however, backlinking isn’t as highly emphasized as it used to be, though it still plays a significant factor. You can still find folks “selling” backlinks online, but Google has it’s eyes on those producing “false” or “paid for” connections like that. There’s a right and a wrong way to do it. Let them come naturally by sharing your content with hopes others will share it for you.

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