How to Do a Webinar Presentation That Sells!


What does it take to run a successful webinar?  I’ll tell you…

Knowing how to run a webinar is one thing, but knowing how to make money with a webinar takes a little more determination and forethought.  Now and then I get asked the questions:

“Do you do webinars?”  -or- “Can you show me how to do a webinar presentation?”

To which I am happy to reply “Well, hell yes I’ll show you how to do a webinar presentation and how to do it right!  But, is that what you really want to do?”


I know it’s been said that the “perfect storm” only comes around once every 100 years or so, but what about the “perfect webinar”?  We should certainly hope that it doesn’t take THAT long for one to come around!  I’m going to show you that it’s much easier than you might think… You need know the strategy, besides knowing how to execute certain webinar tricks and techniques.  At first you might want to memorize these the way I have them, then afterward you can adjust them to make them uniquely your own.  So let’s take a look at some of the key things to consider when it comes to how to run a webinar.

Introduction (First 5 minutes)

  • Lead with a bold promise
  • Promise something amazing if they stay to the end
  • Be unique with your delivery and introduction of yourself
  • They need to know that it’s important they pay attention because there is something going on in their niche that could change EVERYTHING in the near future
  • Qualify yourself as being in an authoritative position to present them with this information
  • Get them excited about the prospect of having hope for a great future in a otherwise failing present situation

Value Section (30-60 min.)

Introduce your “Key Defining Insight”

  • Explain why it’s important…
  • How you reached that conclusion…
  • How it affects your audience…

Reveal the first “ah-ha moment” relating to your Key Insight

  • This should be a revelation for  your audience that causes them to say to themselves “no wonder I haven’t been able to solve that problem…”
  • Re-frame from another perspective if possible
  • Try to gain commitment
  • Get them excited and encourage hope



Reveal the second “ah-ha moment”

  • Ideally this one is focused on commitment
  • Get people excited to make new habits
  • Get them starting to see themselves playing a “role” that someone who owns your product would be already playing
  • Give examples of success from this commitment



The third “ah-ha moment”…

  • This should prove all other alternatives are wrong or won’t fill the need of your audience (don’t focus on bad-mouthing other products, no one likes this…)
  • This should be the most important “ah-ha”
  • Use at least two other re-frames
  • Pay attention to delivery and up the excitement and rhythm in your voice

The “Pitch” (Final 10-15 min.)

  • The Hour A Day close
  • What You Get (modified close)
  • Sum of the Part close
  • Price Dropper close
  • Bonus Roulette close
  • Guarantee Selling Close (Hand Holding close)
  • Social Proof close (optional)
  • Nothing Special close
  • Unimaginative close
  • Say Goodbye close
  • The CLOSE close
  • Work in the…close
  • Old Habits Die Hard close
  • One of Two Choices close
  • You’ll be Thrilled close
  • Money or Excuses close
  • Info Alone close
  • The Tale of Two close
  • Now & Later close
  • Simulated Apathy close

What is a Key Defining Insight?

A key defining insight is a single point on which the entire webinar is built around.  This premise should be emphasized over and over again throughout the webinar.  It should also be a point that is so powerful that it is likely to produce a radical, beneficial shift in behavior for the audience.  Your purpose is to identify a simple problem that alot of people have and would gladly pay money for a solution.  Provide them a solution you can create in one sitting.

Coming up with a Key Defining Insight

Look for the “little known, big difference” tactics that are spoken of all over the internet.  It comes down to identifying the simple things that could mean the difference between success and failure in your market’s niche.  This will take a little investigation.

“Well Known, Little Understood”

  • Something that everyone thinks they know about but perhaps has a little known nuance that they don’t fully understand (ie. sales vs marketing)
  • Miss out on this nuance and they are sabotaging all efforts to success

Revisiting the Fundamentals

  • Everyone is trying things that are way to sophisticated
  • Focus on the simple things

Crystal Ball Theory

  • What’s commonly being done now will likely be rendered useless in the future
  • What they should consider doing for this future “shift” in paradigm

“This Changes Everything” 

  • Something has changed so drastically that if your audience isn’t aware of it and if they aren’t aware of what to do about it, then they could be at risk.
  • You’re “ah-ha” moments should ultimately lead your audience to this conclusion

Final Words on “Closing the Deal”, (and this article)…

I’ve probably given you some lingo that you may or may not be familiar with and how it relates to the seminar/webinar way of thinking.  What really matters in the end is VALUE.  Are you giving your audience the value they deserve?  Are you putting yourself out there in such a way that people couldn’t do it without your guidance and expertise?  No one wants to learn from a salesman, they come a dime a dozen.  What people want is to learn from a mentor or experienced guide that can give them the knowledge they need to succeed in this industry and win the “game” that so many try to play and give up on far too soon.

Next time I’ll go over some of the principles behind the numerous styles of closes I mentioned in this synopsis of building the perfect webinar…gotta run for now!

My Best to Your Perfect Webinar Building Success!



P.S.  If you don’t have access to any type of webinar software or tool suite, get in touch and I can set you up!
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