Home Business Lead Generation in 2015

Do I have some Home Business Lead Generation Secrets? No, Not Really…

But as far as I can tell, the Days of “Warm Market”, Friends & Family and Cold-Calling are GONE!

Lead Generation or “List Building” requires both a successful strategy and an active, participating list of prospects for your professional service business or brick and mortar retail shop to succeed in today’s marketplace. Let’s first look at the most common, historical and pretty much out-dated marketing methods that people are still using today to develop a customer base:

  • Yellow Pages (Who still shops in the yellow pages?)
  • Cold-Calling (I usually hang up on these folks, in fact, while writing this I just did!)
  • Hotel Meetings/Seminars (needs a physical place and personal presence)
  • Lead Referral Cards/Paid Leads (Usually worthless…Sorry, no offense! 🙂
  • Newspaper/Magazine Ads (Getting CRAZY expensive nowadays!)
  • Flyers – Brochures – Biz Cards ← still a great way to go! A place for QR codes, (QR What?)
  • Radio/TV Advertising (Mom and Pop’s simply can’t afford these!)

Now all of the methods above still have a tendency to work at some point or another, however, nowadays most of us already know how much time and expense can be lost in just running even a simple ad in the local newspaper, or spending a day on the phone calling leads that just don’t convert. So let’s look at the new-age alternatives and in simpler terms…”What’s Working Now!”

FREE Home Business Lead Generation Methods (Yes, I said FREE!)

  • LinkedIn
    • Professional Business Buzz and Link Posting among professionals
  • Facebook Personal Page vs. Fan Pages & Groups
    • Separate Your Biz from your Personal Life! (or run your biz as “You, Inc.”)
  • Twitter – Pinterest – Instagram Activity
    • The Next Generation of Younger Prospects (New Sites DAILY!)
  • YouTube Videos (especially with in-video links and ads)
    • Create Your Very Own FREE TV Network and Be a STAR!
  • List Building with “Capture Pages”
    • Grab your prospective client’s name/email even if they don’t buy now!
  • Google+, G+ Hangouts (FREE) & NEW G+ Helpouts (PAID)
    • LIVE Webinars, 30%+ Conversions, Pay-Per-Session

PAID Lead Generation Methods (Always Most Effective)

  • PPC/CPC, a.k.a. “Pay-Per-Click” Advertising
    • The Hidden Side of Facebook and YouTube You Never Knew About!
  • Mobile Websites and Applications
    • Have a Presence in Your Prospects Pocket! Catch up with Technology!
  • Mobile Banner Advertising
    • Get In Front of the EYES of Your Customers whenever you’d like!
  • SMS Texting/Kiosk Programs
    • Portable, Convenient, and VERY Reliable P.O.S. Strategies!

Don’t allow your prospects to run off to another business owner who is
using these simple and effective marketing strategies! Learn how to
use them NOW and begin implementing them in your future marketing
campaigns so that you too can reap the rewards and profits of

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Leland Best - CEO of Best Conceptions LLC, has worn many hats over the past 35 years. He has trained and certified in Radio/TV/CATV Production, Automotive Design, Firefighting and Fire/Water Damage Restoration. Leland has been working with computers and the internet since their inceptions, and during his 25 year career as a Civil Designer his home-based business served several Fortune 500's. Leland and his wife Jenna call the Shiawassee River their home where he currently follows his passion as an author, live streamer, video producer and affiliate website builder under the brands BCBLive!™, and The Megabit Affiliate™.

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