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Living in a digital world implies having a firm grasp on the never-ending productivity tool marketplace. Every once in awhile, a new tool shows up that you originally don’t pay attention to and whether you want it or not, you end up using it regularly and even recommending it to your friends and coworkers.15-must-have-online-productivity-freebies

This productivity tool addiction is the same for people in all stages of life and all professions. Accountants, HR managers, lawyers, SMB owners and even students fit into a category that has a genuine need for streamlining as many tasks as possible and saving time in the process.
That need is, fortunately, recognized by a large number of software developers.

The market for productivity tools is constantly growing and is reportedly worth around $4 billion in 2016. With that much money on the plate, one would think that you couldn’t be productive unless you stretched out for an expensive enterprise solution. Well think again, because there are plenty of freebies on the World Wide Web, you just have to look for them.

Here is our take on the freemium productivity tools that are worth checking out:

1) HootSuite

There are very few freemium apps that have a better free offer than HootSuite. When you sign
up with a free account, you can integrate up to 3 social media profiles, set up message
scheduling and even run a basic analytics report, so you can schedule your posts when your
followers are most likely to engage. This is literally your basis for running productive social
media presence and should not be used sparingly.

2) Asana

Founded by Dustin Moskovitz (the guy who cofounded Facebook), Asana is a top-of-the-line
team collaboration app that offers plenty of free functionalities that just may be the key to your
future team success. With Asana, you can set up teams around projects and then track
individual tasks. Even better, you will receive email notifications and weekly project reports.

3) PDF to Excel Converter

As the most widespread file format on the Internet, the PDF is far from eradicated. Instead, it is
widely used across various stages of work and life. This PDF to Excel converter will be a staple
in your PDF work as it accurately converts invoices, reports, purchase orders and all other types
of those boring PDF documents into fully editable Excel files. Who wants to spend 3 hours
manually retyping PDFs?

4) Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking app that is extremely valuable to everyone looking to track their own
productivity and find possible areas of improvement. Additionally it can be used for tracking the
time spent on clients (for billing purposes). You can also track individual tasks, entire projects
and export everything into reports for later review.

5) Grammarly

Whether you are doing an email blast, spell checking your latest article or posting on social
media, you can use Grammarly to help you out and identify all possible errors. Believe or not, it
actually does a better job at contextualizing your writing than all other word processors and
remains one of the most useful freebies on the market.

6) Wunderlist

Wunderlist is basically used for making to-do lists, although you can use it for team collaboration
and many other things. There is also an option to set up reminders and its cross platform
capabilities make it one of the must-have apps for productive individuals in 2016.

7) Trello

Similar to Wunderlist, Trello is another freemium app for team collaboration but it has a slight
advantage over its competitors, being that it’s really descriptive and easy to use. You can
organize your projects into easy to view cards and track almost every aspect of your business
from one single board. You can use it to take further control of your organization and optimize

8) Slack

Slack is arguably one of the best team communication apps on the planet. It will enable you to
organize team chats by channels, create private channels and even send direct messages.
Slack has everything you need for an efficient team management and, like all before it, you can
also get started for free with a wide variety of functionalities.

9) DigiSigner

Electronic signatures have taken the world by storm in recent years. With DigiSigner you can
create your own digital signature, sign documents and even get them signed by sending them to
relevant people. This actually saves a lot of time and you can sign up to 5 documents per month
with the free plan.

10) Mindmeister

Every new idea starts with a mind map, whether you want it or not. Our brains are wired to create connections between things and MindMeister capitalizes on that fact. Use it to create graphical representations of your concepts and you’ll be well on your way to turning your ideas into reality.

11) Evernote

As the best note taking app, Evernote clearly does not require any special introductions. It is
immensely useful and can be referred to as “note taking on steroids”. What you need to use (if
you haven’t already) is Evernote’s work chat as it’s really great for quick collaboration on
individual notes or notebooks.

12) Remindeo

One does not know the value of a good reminder app until one forgets his wife’s birthday. Yes,
the worklife balance can be stressful enough without having to memorize a bunch of different
things, so be sure to use Remindeo to set up as many reminders as you need. You’ll receive
them on your email and even your cell phone. Neat, right?

13) Google Drive

As the productivity mothership, Google Drive should be your go to cloud app for writing, calculating, creating presentations, setting up calendar appointments and collaborating with your team. If you are in an online business, then G Drive is probably already bookmarked in your browser, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and repeat what we all know — use it and
bring your team into it as well.

14) Coggle

Let’s say you have a business idea and would like to structure it in a diagram which you can
work on. Well then, Coggle is the way to go. It will allow you to create one private and an
unlimited number of publicly available diagrams. Plus, you can forget pen and paper for jotting
down project structures in the future.

15) Workflowy

Workflowy is an alternative todo list maker, with a simple user interface and a zoomin
feature that enables users to drill down into individual tasks and lists. The app has a completely
acceptable free plan, is extremely intuitive and is even reportedly used by the CEO of Slack.
Good company to be in, for sure.
Even though these tools are free to get started with, power users may opt for pro versions
instead, as some tools offer a plethora of irreplaceable, premium functionalities. Nevertheless,
you can use some of these to further increase your productivity and collaboration and even
combine them for unmatched workplace results. And don’t forget, optimize your time the way
you optimize your online presence and you’ll have much better overall results.

15+) EdrawMax

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